What I Do

Hi! My name is LaRoach
(aka: Louise Roach).

I create art for people who like to wear and
decorate their homes with joyful designs.

You’ll find my images printed on all manner of fun items from chiffon scarves to iPhone cases to wall tapestries and fine art prints. Even coffee mugs and wacky stickers! My online shops are my personal art gallery and you, dear visitors, are my collectors!

I work with POD companies (that’s short for print-on-demand). They custom print my designs on an amazing array of lifestyle products so you can order anything from graphic t-shirts to duvet covers featuring my digital artistry. And don’t worry, there is no minimum order – you can buy just one of my pretty printed throw pillows or a whole plethora to adorn your living room couch! Each item is custom made just for you and delivered directly to your door. Plus my POD companies are international! That means anyone from any part of the world can purchase and enjoy my art. How very global!

So come on along, spend some time browsing My Collections, read a few of my blog posts and visit my Shops. One of my passions is thinking up new inventive ways to make art accessible and part of everyday life – like Fabulous Totes for the Farmers’ Market or Greeting Cards with a Personal Touch.

Drop me an email or leave a post comment, I would love to hear from you!

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