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The Artful Traveler: Part 2 – Salzburg, Austria

On October 6th, my husband and I hopped a plane from Berlin to Salzburg, Austria, the next stop on our 2018 trip. Michael had reserved four days in this charming little city located on the banks of the Salzach river. I knew almost nothing about Salzburg other than it was the birthplace of Mozart and the film location for “The Sound of Music”.

Upon arrival I immediately fell in love with this quaint and picturesque city! Shop windows displayed traditional Tyrolean dress, cuckoo clocks, intricately decorated beer steins and the green felt hats worn by men in the Alps. Cozy restaurants were decorated in knotty pine paneling with beautiful hand-carved wooden chairs. Frosty mugs of beer, steaming plates of sausages and delectable apple streusel shared menus with more “neuvo” continental creations.

The Artful Traveler: Part 1 – London and Berlin

Where in the world is the artist LaRoach? Have you wondered why I haven’t posted much lately? The answer – I’ve been traveling through Europe during the past six weeks.

My husband and I share a love of travel and exploration. Every year we get out of town and experience a new city, country or culture. Our excursions offer the time and freedom to visit amazing museums, grand churches and cultural sites of note. Of course I during this time I also have the luxury of photographing to my heart’s content.

This year we chose Berlin, Salzburg and Florence to visit, also sandwiching two weeks in the middle of our trip to see cousins and friends in Bolzano and Trent (Northern Italy). Along the way my camera was busy documenting artful inspiration. Hopefully you’ll soon see bits and pieces from this trip pop up in my future artwork.