Holiday Cheer!

With only six short weeks until Christmas, it’s time to think of holiday cards, decorations and stocking stuffers. I just updated my “Holiday Spirit” collection and have lots of new designs for you to browse. Whether you’re looking for a unique Christmas T-shirt, gift mugs, holiday greeting cards, cheery stickers or fun throw pillows to decorate your home for the holidays – there are many choices in my online shop.

The Artful Traveler: Part 1 – London and Berlin

Where in the world is the artist LaRoach? Have you wondered why I haven’t posted much lately? The answer – I’ve been traveling through Europe during the past six weeks.

My husband and I share a love of travel and exploration. Every year we get out of town and experience a new city, country or culture. Our excursions offer the time and freedom to visit amazing museums, grand churches and cultural sites of note. Of course I during this time I also have the luxury of photographing to my heart’s content.

This year we chose Berlin, Salzburg and Florence to visit, also sandwiching two weeks in the middle of our trip to see cousins and friends in Bolzano and Trent (Northern Italy). Along the way my camera was busy documenting artful inspiration. Hopefully you’ll soon see bits and pieces from this trip pop up in my future artwork.

New In My Shop: Orphan Black

Today’s blog post may seem like a departure from my normal art messages. But I decided to go out on a limb and show you my latest collection: Orphan Black.

You see, I’m a BIG fan of this intriguing PBS series starring Canadian-born actress Tatiana Maslany playing multiple roles. During its five season stint, Orphan Black explored the question: What happens when secret institutions begin cloning people? 

An evocative sci-fi thriller that keeps you glued to the screen, Orphan Black is a mind-twisting maze of plots, subplots and characters (with many of the lead characters played seamlessly by Tatiana using various personas, temperaments and accents).

You’re probably wondering how does this fictional television series tie-in with my art. About a month ago, the print-on-demand company that I work with, Redbubble, announced a partnership with the creators of Orphan Black. Through this endorsement, Redbubble artists can now create officially licensed “fan art” inspired by the show and its characters. For those of you who are wondering “what the heck is fan art?” – you’re not alone! Having never ventured into this realm of design myself, I was just as clueless.

Sticker Fun: 19 Creative Uses for Custom Stickers!

Have you ever wondered “what can I do with stickers?” You know – those funky pieces of ephemera that you see plastered on a teen’s laptop or cleverly positioned on a sign. Not that I’m agreeing to the defacement of public property – but I have seen some awfully funny stickers used as a form of public art. Stickers can be artistic, clever, funny or express an opinion. They come in different sizes, styles and genres. And the best thing of all – stickers are always cheap! You can buy a bunch for just a few dollars.

Stylish Scarves for Fall Accessorizing

Labor Day has past us by, morning temps are dipping into the chilly zone and it’s time to put away the shorts and sandals. When Fall arrives I turn to my favorite wardrobe accessory – scarves! Yes, I have a large and varied collection of scarves to match just about any outfit. My pieces include a soft handwoven alpaca scarf from a trip to Peru, a lovely deep purple silk wrap purchased at the International Craft Festival in Santa Fe, and a warm cashmere blanket scarf in neutral tones that I brought back from Ireland.