LaRoach (aka: Louise A. Roach)

I am a visionary conceptual artist having a dialogue with the existential. Utilizing digital manipulation, I synthesize my original photography with images of classic art and architecture, bits and bots from my travels, and remnants of the visual illusion. Transcending the literal, I play with time/culture/space convergence, arriving at a poetic ephemera that owes its existence to mere pixels of light, dwelling only on my computer.

My art is birthed as a digital entity (and for the most part that is how it will remain), traveling its lifetime over internet pathways. But if you are so inclined to beget one of my images into the physical realm, prints are thoughtfully available through several online sources.

My imagery is also available for licensing as book covers, CD music artwork, or website illustrations.

Prints Available at:
Redbubble: LaRoachArt Portfolio
Fine Art America: Louise Roach Portfolio


1971-1977       Art education

1978-1979       Paste-up artist for print house

1979-1990       Studio photographer (portraits, weddings), studio marketing, lecturer (creative photography)

1990-2000       Gallery artist (mixed media, digital photography)

1992-1996       Educator (art marketing, photographing the nude, Polaroid transfers)

2000-2010       Marketing specialist (commercial photography, website design, public relations)

2008-present  Stock photography:
LaRoach Stock Photos at Dreamstime

2010-present  Indy artist working in textile design, patterns and visual art
LaRoach Digital Art
Retro Art Factory