Inspired by Nature

Living in the high desert, I love hiking and enjoying the varied and beautiful biodiversity of New Mexico. I often snap photos with my cell phone of interesting plants, flowers and even rocks! The photographic patterns that emerge of nature’s details are true inspiration for my graphic Abstracts collection.

As I was taking my morning hike, a thought came to me. How fun it would be to share a few original photos with you along with my Abstract images created from the cell phone pics. Often the beginning pic can seem uninteresting and dull – but add a little digital magic, and they pop off the screen with a splash of color!

Enjoy my Before and After illustrations – I hope they bring a little inspiration to your day! Want to see more of my Abstracts Collection? Or take a peak at all the cool items featuring my organic prints like a throw pillow or soft, cozy blanket? It’s easy to browse and shop at my online store:

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