What’s New?

Each year I begin a new series of work based on a particular theme or style. This keeps me on track and moving in a specific direction.

Now you might think it’s an easy job being an artist/designer. Many people believe ideas and concepts spring effortlessly from my brain and manifest themselves on the computer screen.

Well I can attest to you – nothing is further from the truth! Just like any profession it takes stick-to-itness, concentration and lots of practice to grow and evolve as a digital artist. I’ve been at it a long time and I still learn something new and exciting every single day!

Conceptual Collages Collection“Lady of the Lake” Greeting Card

Two years ago, after arriving home from a particularly inspiring trip to Europe, I began my Conceptual Collage series based on master works I had seen in grand museums combined with architecture and images from my photographic archive.

Last year I became intrigued with retro images that melted steampunk photography with design. This resulted in Gears, Gizmos and Gadgets, Vintage Cameras, and Vintage Vehicles collections.

This year I decided to embrace the design aspect of my art and create holiday themed work. Although this is a departure from my past digital photographic art, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge!

So far I’ve added new collections with a heart theme for Valentine’s Day or any sweetheart occasion, an Irish inspired grouping (to have the Luck of the Irish throughout the year!), plus new angels in my Holiday Spirit collection.

A work-in-progress is Blue Wave USA – a 2020 campaign-themed collection for those who lean to the left. With nearly two dozen candidates throwing their hat in the ring, there’s a lot of designing to do for this collection!

You’ll also find new “continuous” patterns like “Hearts and Kisses” and “Falling Shamrocks”. These designs work great all year round especially when printed on home decor items such as throw pillows, mugs, tote bags, clocks and duvet covers.

Have a suggestion for holiday-inspired designs? Maybe something special you’ve been looking for but haven’t found locally? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let’s see what we can design together!

Like the featured designs? Just click on the link below to order!

“Lady of the Lake” – Greeting Card

“Red Truck from the 1940’s” – Sticker

“Hearts and Kisses” – Mug

“Blue Wave” – Stickers

“Falling Shamrocks” – Canvas Tote