New In My Shop: Orphan Black

Today’s blog post may seem like a departure from my normal art messages. But I decided to go out on a limb and show you my latest collection: Orphan Black.

You see, I’m a BIG fan of this intriguing PBS series starring Canadian-born actress Tatiana Maslany playing multiple roles. During its five season stint, Orphan Black explored the question: What happens when secret institutions begin cloning people?


An evocative sci-fi thriller that keeps you glued to the screen, Orphan Black is a mind-twisting maze of plots, subplots and characters (with many of the lead characters played seamlessly by Tatiana using various personas, temperaments and accents).

You’re probably wondering how does this fictional television series tie-in with my art. About a month ago, the print-on-demand company that I work with, Redbubble, announced a partnership with the creators of Orphan Black. Through this endorsement, Redbubble artists can now create officially licensed “fan art” inspired by the show and its characters. For those of you who are wondering “what the heck is fan art?” – you’re not alone! Having never ventured into this realm of design myself, I was just as clueless.


Allow me to explain. According to Wikipedia: “Fan art is artwork created by fans of a work of fiction and derived from a series character or other aspect of that work. As fan labor, fan art refers to artworks that are neither created nor (normally) commissioned or endorsed by the creators of the work from which the fan art derives.”


It comes down to this – fan art is usually illegal because it uses copyrighted images, keywords in its description that contain copyrighted terms, and/or includes copyrighted text in the design. All of which can get you banned from any print-on-demand platform, and could result in a copyright lawsuit. Needless to say – I have always stayed clear of anything that smacked of copyright infringement.

However, this new licensing partnership with Orphan Black has allowed Redbubble to depart from its strict copyright policies and actually encourage the creation of fan art! Of course, all submitted designs based on the show must pass a review process before they can be officially licensed and added to Redbubble’s Orphan Black collection of print-on-demand products.


Having never creating fan art before, but as an avid follower of the series, I thought why not give it a go!

So I got to work and produced the beginnings of a collection inspired by the characters, memorable phrases and quotes from Orphan Black. If you’re not familiar with the series, my images probably won’t make much sense. But if you’re as big a fan as I am, you’ll recognize Sarah, Cosima and the rest of the clone sisters in my collection.


I hope you enjoy my adventure into the clone world of Orphan Black. Stop by my shop and see all of my OB fan art displayed on posters, T-shirts, stickers and much more.

Hey – maybe this post has poked at your curiosity and you’re up for a 5-season wild fictional ride. If so, you can download or stream the complete series of Orphan Black through: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu or Sony Playstation.

Click here to visit my Orphan Black Collection on Redbubble!

Images included in this post:

FeatureImage  I’m Not Your Property – see on Redbubble


Cosima Niehaus – see on Redbubble

Cosima’s Tattoo – see on Redbubble

Defy Them – see on Redbubble

SarahGeneticsThickerThanWater  Sarah – Genetics Thicker than Water – see on Redbubble

OrphanBlackCloneTagNumbers  Orphan Black Clone Tag Numbers – see on Redbubble

FelixCrazyIsGenetic  Felix – Crazy Is Genetic – see on Redbubble

TwinNautilusShells  Twin Nautilus Shells – see on Redbubble