Sticker Fun: 19 Creative Uses for Custom Stickers!

Have you ever wondered “what can I do with stickers?” You know – those funky pieces of ephemera that you see plastered on a teen’s laptop or cleverly positioned on a sign. Not that I’m agreeing to the defacement of public property – but I have seen some awfully funny stickers used as a form of public art. Stickers can be artistic, clever, funny or express an opinion. They come in different sizes, styles and genres. And the best thing of all – stickers are always cheap! You can buy a bunch for just a few dollars.


Without further ado, here is my totally creative list of how to use customized stickers:

1. Decorate school notebooks and binders with your favorite stickers.

2. Add stickers as a fun addition to your scapbooking supplies.


3. Customize your laptop, phone or tablet with stickers that express who you are.

4. Collect interesting or themed stickers and display them in an album.

5. Use as street art or graffiti (but don’t break the law!). Example: We have a joke around these parts about flying saucers and cows. Pictured here is a little flying saucer sticker on a cattle crossing sign (photo by Catherine Sherman). You’ll find a lot of these in and around Taos, NM. Want to know the back story behind these quirky stickers? Read a great post by Catherine Sherman as she traveled through New Mexico and spotted our UFO cow signs!


6. Use stickers on Calendars to mark a special date.

7. Create artfully individual greeting cards by adding dazzling stickers inside the card and on the envelope.


8. Stylize your skate board, snowboard or other athletic equipment with stickers that say “this is me”.

9. Kids love stickers! Give them a bunch of crazy stickers during arts and crafts time and see what they create!


10. Add stickers to your wrapping supplies for that special touch on a gift bag or box.

11. Decorate recycled glass jars with stickers for a fun container to collect buttons, do-dads, and other sundries.


12. Personalize an envelope or invitation with a fancy sticker.

13. Use stickers to create an art journal or as illustrations in your diary.

14. Incorporate stickers into collage art.

15. Extra large stickers (11″ x 14″ – yes they actually make them that big!) can be mounted on foam core board for inexpensive wall art.

16. Express your opinion on personal items (iPad, laptop, notebooks, bulletin boards, etc) with stickers that are political, cultural, topical or trending.


17. As a comment or decoration on your refrigerator, car, trailer, etc. But be forewarned – stickers are a permanent thing!

18. Add stickers to your next protest sign!

19. Advertise your business, blog or website with free hand-out stickers.

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