Stylish Scarves for Fall Accessorizing

Labor Day has past us by, morning temps are dipping into the chilly zone and it’s time to put away the shorts and sandals. When Fall arrives I turn to my favorite wardrobe accessory – scarves! Yes, I have a large and varied collection of scarves to match just about any outfit. My pieces include a soft handwoven alpaca scarf from a trip to Peru, a lovely deep purple silk wrap purchased at the International Craft Festival in Santa Fe, and a warm cashmere blanket scarf in neutral tones that I brought back from Ireland.


However my absolute favorites are light-weight chiffon scarves printed with my own designs. Measuring a generous 55 inches square, I find them to be the perfect accessory for cool Autumn weather. With so many ways to tie, wrap and wear these scarves, I just love how they add a creative element to my daily look. Selecting a scarf with several colors can bring together an outfit with flare and style. And if you are dressed in neutrals, just wrap a bright scarf around your neck and instantly your outfit will pop!


Because my designs are unique and available only online, strangers often stop me on the street and ask where I purchased such an interesting scarf. No joke! In many encounters, my scarves are a conversation starter. Perhaps they love the color combination or are looking for exactly that shade to match a particular dress. I thank them for the compliment, smile and hand them a business card for my online shop. It’s always a surprise how many inquiries I receive from total strangers while walking through the farmer’s market or having lunch at a local cafe.


Hey – have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? Yep, I’ve got the perfect stocking-stuffer gift for you. No matter the age or size, scarves fit everyone! You can’t go wrong with a soft, pretty scarf for any female on your gift list.


And one last tip – scarves are a fabulous travel accessory! I love exploring new cultures and countries. Traveling light is a necessity if you are hopping on and off trains, have a weight restriction on your luggage, or you’re doing a cultural excursion moving from one location to the next with just a backpack and small roller bag. My chiffon scarves are so light and airy, they take up almost no room and can easily be tucked into a backpack or purse. Even if you resort to wearing the same top three days straight (which can happen if you’re hiking through the back country of Ireland and have run out of clean clothes!) wearing a different scarf everyday will transform your look. When traveling, I usually stick to neutral slacks and tops then add a flash of color with a snazzy scarf. In the past, I’ve had traveling companions comment on how I manage to look so put-together when we meet for dinner after an all-day hike. My secret – I always travel with three different scarves that perfectly compliment my simple travel wardrobe and can be worn in multiply ways.

Ready to shop for stylish scarves for your Fall outfits? To browse each of my online collections, just click on the links below:

Shop Scarves at LaRoach Digital Arts

Shop Scarves at Retro Art Factory

Shop Scarves at LaRoach.Art

Like the seven scarves pictured in this post? Here are the direct links to each of them:


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2. Purple Iris on Moss

3. Rose Memories

EdgyGreyPattern 4. Edgy Grey

ScarfRoseMemories 5. Rose Memories

ScarfKaleidoscope12 6. Kaleidoscope #12

ScarfKaleidoscope12 7. Kaleidoscope #12

ScarfKaleidoscope10-2 8. Kaleidoscope #10

ScarfExtraordinarilyPink 9. Extraordinarily Pink!

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  1. Thanks Erika! It’s so wonderful to have people appreciate our art while we are wearing it. Scarves are such a perfect vehicle for that.


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