Embrace Your Inner Artist!

We all have an “Inner Artist” hiding in our souls, begging to be acknowledged. Whether you are an art professional or a hobbyist, crafter or designer, painter or photographer, that creative essence wants to shine forth and proclaim to the world “Here I am!”

Inner Artist 1a

Recently my own Inner Artist tapped me on the shoulder and whispered a few words of inspiration. I was searching for interesting ideas as additions to my Typography Collection. Since many of my friends on social media are artists/designers like myself, I was drawn to the idea of inspirational slogans that spoke to the full-time artist as well as those aspiring to release their creative selves. So I got to work dabbling with fonts and playing with palettes. I have to admit – it was fun to be artsy with typography!


During the past month my designs grew into a Redbubble collection. I titled the grouping: Embrace Your Inner Artist. Perfect as stickers, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and artist journals, the designs are a vibrant expression of color. And if I may say so myself – charmingly witty.

Inner Artist 2a

I’m particularly partial to the design “CR8ART”. This artistic slogan came about as I was driving through town one day and spotted a license plate printed with a clever “leetspeak”. FYI – the definition of leetspeak is: a word or phrase that replaces letters with numbers or symbols. Immediately I thought, “What a fantastic T-shirt that would make!” Thank you to the artist who owns this inventive license plate! I loved the idea of “CR8ART” so much I produced the design in an array of vivid neon colors.

Hey art friends, crafters, DYI designers, and creative souls of all genres  – time to express yourself with positive platitudes! Visit Embrace Your Inner Artist Collection and see what inspiring slogans speak to you!


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