5 Tips for Creating An Amazing Dorm Room

It’s that time again! The college-bound are heading back to school, bringing with them a car load of personal items for their dorm rooms. And as we all know, the typical college dorm room can be pretty drab and uninspiring. Why spend your year living in a ho-hum environment when you can accessorize that blank room to the level of A-mazing!


Remember back to your university days? Were you a neat-freak or a slob? I was a tidy student, decorating my half of the room with posters and a calendar from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings purchased at the campus bookstore. Back in the 70’s that was the extent of my decorating know-how. Fast forward to present day and students have many more options. They can quickly order everything for their room online from an abundance of imagery to fit whatever color scheme or interest they fancy.

With that in mind, here are five easy tips for creating a personalized room “drippin’ in finesse” (to quote the lyrics of pop icon Bruno Mars):

1. Create a theme for your room and accessorize based on this idea.  Examples of great themes are: your favorite color, an interest, a hobby, an artist that you like. Are you into photography? Cars? Flowers? How about the color purple or the street artist Banksy? Let your room be an expression of you! (The room pictured above is based on my Steampunk Butterfly series.)


2. Make your room cozy and coordinated with a matching duvet cover and throw pillows like the Pink Iris theme pictured above. Yup, your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room. Why not make it a canvas of personality with accessories that pop!

3. Add art to the walls with inexpensive posters that match your theme. Don’t choose images that are too gimmicky or commercial. Rather select posters that represent art by real artists to give a feeling of sophistication. If you like Van Gogh and the color yellow, it’s easy to find posters online of Vincent’s sunflowers to grace your walls. The room  pictured below looks clean and put-together with images of retro trucks that match the color scheme.


4. Don’t forget the details! Even small touches to a room can enhance your decor, especially with utilitarian and often necessary items. Artist-inspired wall clocks are an inexpensive way to tie-in your theme and still know what time it is. How about a set of matching mugs next to your coffee maker? Or a large canvas tote in your theme color hanging on the back of your door, a perfect way to store dirty laundry. Much nicer than a hamper! When the tote is full, simply sling it over your shoulder and head for the laundry room.


5. Add extra seating with big comfy floor pillows that match your room theme.  It’s the perfect cushy way to hang out with friends. (The turquoise “steampunk butterfly” pillows pictured here are from my Retro Art Factory collection.)

Are you ready to create an amazing dorm room?

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