Fabulous Canvas Tote Bags for the Farmers’ Market!

It’s that time of year again – time to visit the glorious Farmers’ Markets in your area! What could be better than bountiful baskets overflowing with fresh produce, grown locally by caring farmers. One of my favorite summertime activities is strolling through our outdoor market on Tuesday mornings, chatting with vendors, picking up tips on how to best prepare different kinds of produce and bringing home bags full of delicious veggies and fruits.


Not only do I plan my grocery shopping around the market calendar (open late May to mid-November), but I also purchase as much as possible from my local farmers before heading to the grocery store for the remainder of my shopping list. By mid-summer I’m usually filling two large canvas tote bags every week with salad greens, zucchini, fresh eggs, bunches of herbs, fun varieties of cucumbers, peaches, cherries and early apples. Pepper and tomato season is right around the corner and that will add to my take-home haul!

Market6Of course, the market is also one of the best places to people watch. Time to don a beautiful straw hat, sandals, and your best Boho peasant blouse. And why go to the Farmers’ Market with drab shopping bags when you can carry fabulous canvas totes that compliment your casual chic appearance.

Canvas Tote Bags happen to be one of my favorite things to design. I have a large selection – colorful, with various patterns and themes, and available in three versatile sizes. I love this bright green and red chile pepper tote! It’s one of my most popular designs. I actually had a client with the surname of “Pepper” purchase this bag a few months ago!


Several of my large pretty tote bags are in my car at all times, ready to use for any shopping trip. With a tough canvas exterior, they also have sturdy woven handles that can be slung over a shoulder to carry heavy loads. Unlike other cheap bags, they include a nice fabric lining – making them perfect for trips to your favorite department store. And of course, my canvas tote bags can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Plus reusable shopping bags are a simple way to effortlessly decrease your use of plastic and paper, thus lowering our impact on the environment.


I’ve included a small sample selection of totes in this post. Want to see more?

Check out the links below to my Fabulous Canvas Shopping Tote Bags:

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See you at the Farmers’ Market! I’ll be the one with the Chile Pepper Tote!