Greeting Cards with a Personal Touch

In this age of emails and text messages, receiving a handwritten card from a friend or loved one is a special treat! When you take the time to write and mail a personalized card it says so much more than an informal text on your cell phone.

I keep a small file box in my office stocked with pretty art cards. Blank on the inside, this style of card is perfect for penning a personal  message. And for added pizzazz, they can become a creative canvas by adding doodles, photos, stickers and – for all of you creative scrapbookers out there – stamps and sparkles from your paper crafting cache. A blank card gives permission to unleash your wild imagination! Imagine how surprised the recipient of your gratitude will be when they open a card loaded with personality, artfulness and memories!

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Of course, my collection of cards feature artwork from my own portfolio. As I add new pieces to my online gallery, I order a few cards to have on hand for future use. It’s the perfect way to share a bit of me with my friends and family! Hope you enjoy the little slide show above – just a small sampling of my art card creations.

Over the years I’ve found many uses for my treasure trove of greeting cards, such as saying “thank you” to a hostess after a special occasion or in gratitude for a gift. I’ve taken my cards on trips, leaving them at Air B & B’s after our stay. A lovely card left for the host goes a long way, especially if you are planning a return visit to their Bed and Breakfast.

Last year I made a point of tracking down several people who made a difference in my life, sending them each a handwritten card containing a memory and sometimes a photo. One such surprise card was sent to my 8th grade English teacher who I remember fondly and is now in her 70’s. I received a beautiful letter in response containing her memories of me as a shy thirteen year old girl who loved to draw and go on field trips to the theater. Such a heart-warming connection to make after the passing of 48 years! All because of one little card.


I also mail art cards at Christmas time with a personal letter tucked inside. Think how nice it would be to receive an artist-created holiday greeting rather than a mass-produced card from a box. Many friends tell me they save my cards and often frame them as mini-artworks. Above are three selections from my LaRoach.Art collection I sent for Christmas 2017. I know it’s only July, but it’s time to start designing for the 2018 holiday season!

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Let’s hear from you – what ideas do you have on the topic of personal greeting cards? Share your thoughts and inspiration on bringing gratitude and love into the world by sending handwritten messages.

Ciao for now!