The Retro Art Factory

“Modern retro” sounds like a contradiction! However when I create a new collection this year, that description was a perfect fit.


For the past few years, the idea of using vintage objects as subject matter has appealed to me. I have a collection of old cameras, my husband has a tool box of vintage gadgets inherited from his father and I have a knack of photographing odd bits of nostalgia wherever I go. It seemed fitting to gather my ephemera together, give it a whirl of computer magic and see what transpired.


In no time at all the “Retro Art Factory” came into being! So far images in this collection include “Vintage Cameras“, “Vintage Vehicles” and a funky steampunk grouping entitled: “Gears, Gizmos and Gadgets.” I’ll tell you a little secret – one of my guilty pleasures is reading steampunk novels! So of course I had to incorporate a little Victorian mechanical fancy into this collection such as the colorful butterflies decorated with gears and cogs that grace the top of this blog post.

Somewhat different from my previous digital art, the look and feel of this collection is more in the style of industrial graphic. I imagine the work framed and hanging on a distressed brick wall in a retro studio loft. Or as posters pinned up in a college dorm room. Or as an eclectic grouping in a shabby-chic home filled with flea market finds.


I’ve included a few room decor suggestions with this blog post. Let me know what you think! How would you use my Retro Art Factory images? All comments welcomed!

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Also – a shout out to some of my new art friends! Here are their websites – stop by and see what they’re up to:

By-the-way, in case you were wondering, my favorite steampunk author is Gail Carriger. Check out her Amazon author page and all of her perfectly paranormal novels here!

Until next time – Ciao amici!

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