You’re Never Too Old for Instagram

ProfilePicGreenHairYes, I am an Instagrammer! Are you?

Compared to other social networks, I find Instagram posts up-lifting and very much in-tune with my artistic interests. Its global audience of creatives offer a daily out-poring of images and ideas, an absolute plethora of inspiration for any artist!

I must admit to being an Instagrammer-come-lately, preferring the chattiness of Facebook. But today you’re more likely to find me engaged on Instagram, following interesting artists and designers from around the world.

But I digress – my reason for writing this post today is an article I read in the New York Times: “The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram: The subversive cadre of women over 60 prove that ‘old’ is not what it used to be” by Ruth La Ferla. Now I’m not a grandmother (hell I’m not even a mother!) but I am 60+ young. And wow – this article sure echoed my views, confirming my opinion on aging: embrace it with gusto and creativity, but don’t give in to stereotypes.

Since hitting the big 60 I’ve set my own subversive agenda against the label of “senior citizen”. Here’s my current action list:

1. I am committed to developing my own personal style of digital art and taking time to be creative every day.

2. I have stopped dying my hair and am now embracing my true color (grey and all).

3. I will be an authentic blogger while sharing my artfully creative lifestyle.

4. I will live each day in my own way with purpose and direction.

Hiking Aspen Trail, NM

After reading the Times article, I immediately located several of the mentioned women on Instagram and began following them. I was totally blown away! Their mission to reinvent themselves in the blog-a-sphere and on social media as youthful, trend-setting women over 60 struck a heart chord of recognition.

I have found my tribe and they are tenacious wise women of style! Here are a few I fell in love with:

Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon: Cultural influencer, content creator, consultant, speaker and model: Website    Instagram

Ari Seth Cohen – Advanced Style: Author, photographer, and creator of the Advanced Style Books: Website   Instagram

Jan Correll – Silver Is the New Blonde: Age-positive tips on Fashion, Bold Beauty, Fun and Freedom: Website    Instagram

Oh – if you would like to follow my art and lifestyle decor on Instagram, here are my three pages:


Retro Art Factory

LaRoach Digital Arts

So dear readers, do you have an amazingly creative blog or Instagram page? Are you a 60+ woman with panache and want to share it? Here’s your opportunity – leave the title and link of your blog or Instagram home page in the comments section of this post.

I very much appreciate every subscriber to my blog and follower on Instagram. Look forward to browsing your links!

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