Decorating with Art Prints

One of the best ways to add interest to a room is a well-planned piece of art that compliments your decor.

PiazzaNavonaStart by asking yourself: What type of imagery do I enjoy? Landscapes? Still lives? Abstract art? When you have narrowed down the style that best suites your tastes, take an assessment of your room decor and color palette.

Art that is carefully selected for a particular space taking into consideration the aesthetics of the home, will feel completely in-sync with its surroundings. The piece will radiate it’s own energy and become a focal point of interest.

What if you can’t afford original pieces of art? No problem! Today’s print-on-demand companies offer work by thousands of independent artists, you can easily search and purchase online with the click of a button. You decide the image and match it with the size and type of print that best fits your needs. Select from large art prints or posters, images on canvas, even framed prints – usually at substantially lower prices than you would receive at a gallery.

“Piazza Navona” – Wall Art Collection: LaRoach Digital Art

The feature image in this post was photographed in 2011 while visiting Rome. Piazza Navona held many happy memories for me. So when I decided to remodel our bedroom using a neutral palette and minimalist decor, I felt this image would be striking as a large black and white wall print. Of course the original was photographed in color. But with a bit of Photoshop magic, it became a sophisticated classic cityscape that not only matched the room but fits perfectly with my personal style. Now every time I enter my bedroom, I feel the essence of Rome! And due to the size of the image and how well it compliments the decor, many people have asked if it was chosen by an interior designer.

Interested in seeing more of my wall art? You can find “Piazza Navona” in a variety of different sizes, styles and prices, just click here. At the moment I have six pieces in my Wall Art Collection, all selected for their striking appearance and scale.

Visit my Wall Art Collection here!

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