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My work is an exploration of the digital medium mirroring various facets of my life.

LaRoach.Art is a collection of conceptual collage working with the idea of time/culture/space convergence by synthesizing original photography with images of classic art and architecture. The compositions that evolve through the creative digital process are a passage to the collective conscience and my personal method of melting the arbitrary constraints of time.

In contrast, my second collection (LaRoach Digital Art) is purely an expression of personal joy through the use of color, pattern, design, landscape and nature. The images are a rendering of what I perceive in my everyday life often transformed into abstract compositions or graphic designs. Purely decorative, I find great joy in creating art that can be incorporated into everyday life through clothing, items for the home and personal accessories.

This year I created a third collection, The Retro Art Factory, to encompass my interest in vintage objects and Steampunk graphics. There is a fascination in capturing an item enveloped with history such as a vintage camera or old tool.  At one time this item was someone’s beloved possession, perhaps someone who was a personal ancestor. In this group of work I explore the simplicity of common possessions along with the complexity of memories they contain.

And what can I say about Steampunk – I love this genre and the fun I have creating graphics of gears, clockworks, gizmos and gadgets.